When: 13-18 October 2019

Where: The Lodge Resort and Spa Hotel, Cloudcroft, New Mexico, USA

Come join us for a week of lively discussions on our favorite Classical Pulsator stars!

Conference Rationale:

This is an exciting time for astrophysics, particularly in the realm of classical pulsating star science, with the wealth of data coming from ground-based and space-based surveys. The community of astronomers who study these variable stars will be meeting to discuss the latest discoveries and on-going work with RR Lyrae and Cepheid variable stars. The conference assembles astronomers from the observational and theoretical arenas, with representatives from a variety of surveys and missions.   Important results will be shared, for example from Gaia and TESS.   LSST is also on the horizon, and our community is making plans to study classical pulsators for these future surveys and missions. We are developing many new analysis techniques with current datasets from Kepler/K2, OGLE, and VVV. With the volume of data as well as new possibilities and techniques available to our community, our conference scheduled in October of 2019 provides an opportune time to present the latest developments and discoveries, and to plan the next step of classical pulsator research in the 2020s.

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