Location & Venue

The village of Cloudcroft, New Mexico, is nestled in the Sacramento Mountains of southeastern New Mexico.  At an elevation of 2600m (8000ft), this rustic timber town will be hosting the 3rd RRL/Cep conference on 13-18 October  2019.

More information about Cloudcroft can be found here.

The Conference will be held at the Pavilion Hall, which is a short distance from the conference hotel, The Lodge Resort and Spa.

Hotel accommodations are now available, and reservations can be placed.

Please take precautions if you are sensitive to altitude sickness.  Cloudcroft has a dry mountain forest environment.  Sunshine can be intense, so please bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.  Some of the pathways will also be unpaved, so comfortable walking/trekking shoes are recommended.  Keep hydrated and take it easy!

Here is a map of the conference venue and the hotels, The Lodge Resort and Spa and Spur Landing.  The scale is in the lower right.

For a PDF of this map, click here